Open a Yoga Education Center in every town and village in the UK!

Our organization aims the following:

-Promotion and education of healthy lifestyle and exercise
-Organizing health events and festivals
-Yoga therapeutic treatment of the disabled and those of suffering from severe musculoskeletal diseases
-Organizing yoga sessions in schools

Thus, we would like to make yoga available to anyone regardless of their financial situation.

Daily Mail article says:

  • Prince Charles said more people taking yoga classes could save NHS resources 
  • The Prince of Wales has long advocated alternative medicines and therapies 
  • He said yoga classes had ‘tremendous social benefits’ and built discipline

 Prince Charles has claimed that more people taking yoga classes could help the NHS save ‘precious and expensive’ resources because it has ‘proven beneficial effects on both body and mind’.

The Prince of Wales, who has long advocated alternative medicines and therapies, said in a written address to the Yoga In Healthcare conference, which took place in London at the weekend: ‘For thousands of years, millions of people have experienced yoga’s ability to improve their lives. The development of therapeutic yoga is, I believe, an excellent example of how yoga can contribute to health and healing.

‘This not only benefits the individual but also conserves precious and expensive health resources for others.’

Nitayoga Academy is working for 10 years to establish Yoga-Education centers around Europe. I believe human society can change in a positive way just by spiritual education. Yoga lifestyle and philosophy have a miraculous effect on human personality, behavior, and health to become a great member of a progressing society.

You develop wonderful characteristics like patience, humility, godliness, goodwill, altruism, truthfulness and honor. By the practice of yoga, one purifies the effects of their adverse past actions and starts to see that less negative things flow in one’s life. A positive phase starts. If this takes place in most people, the world will have a chance to reverse this degradation of which we are already in the end…There is not much time. Nature is on its last legs. Societies, economies are in ruins due to the fact that the whirl of human behavior, way of thinking and actions pull off everything.


Our Educational programs outside of our centers. Thousands of people visiting our outside programs in community halls and schools:

So our project primarily needs proper places to rent, where we can start our yoga classes, therapy classes, healthy lifestyle, Ayurveda courses, personal coaching. The starting investment is the biggest obstacle for us. Maintaining and operating a studio is not a big deal. We have already teachers, therapists, coaches. We like to find all kinds of opportunities to have any place to do the courses. Actually, the easiest way to have donations and we can find the appropriate place, but if someone offers us for free any appropriate place, we are glad to accept.

Few of our yoga centers around Europe:


Every little donation counts and is welcome!

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