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IMG_20141209_214613Now available in 3 flavours: vanilla, chocolate, chai (cinnamon & spice mix)

Sweetened with xillit and stevia.

vegan protein_VANILIA 400g

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Our product was initially sold in Hungary, but we wish to soon distribute it all over Europe and possibly worldwide. The manufacturer dominates a significant portion in the market of first-class organic products in Hungary. They produce and distribute hundreds of organic products.

We have discovered a significant lack of vegan protein on the European market. Only a few good quality, good texture and good flavor products are available.

So far, individual orders can not be satisfied beyond the borders of Hungary, but would love to serve resellers in commercial quantities. We are pleased to contact companies from abroad who deal with distribution of organic products. The price, of course, depending on the quantity purchased forms the basis of individual negotiation. (Price around 10 EURO / 400g pack)

Please contact us on the below e-mail address:

Recommended not only for vegan or vegetarian athletes, but everyone who stands for natural, healthy and meat-free diet. Excellent opportunity to upgrade a vegetarian diet which might be poor in protein.

– For sensitive vegetarians having gluten or lactose intolerancy, who cannot take in protein from such sources.

– For those who want to lose weight, but at the same time want to avoid muscle loss.

– For athletes who want to reduce the percentage of fat in their muscles by the intake of a low carb protein source and want to avoid dietary supplements containing questionable content of all kinds of chemicals.

Ingredients: yellow pea protein, rice protein, cocoa powder / vanilla / cinnamon & spice mix, grape seed flour, soluble dietary fiber, plant-based sweeteners (steviol- glycoside, xillit), sea salt.

Dosage: mix 1 rounded tablespoon of vegan protein thoroughly with 400 ml water or rice/ oat/ millet drink.

Nutritional value in 100 g powder:

Energy: 1087 kJ/260 kcal

Fat: 4,9 g

– saturated fatty acid:   >1,0 g

Carbohydrate: 7,5 g

– sugar: 1,6 g

Protein:  69,5 g

Salt:  0,1 g

Why is rice-pea protein mix excelllent?

Rice protein: plain cooked rice includes only about 5-7% protein. During the production of concentrated rice protein the complete brown rice is milled into flour and mixed with water. Afterwards, natural enzymes are added to dismantle and extract carbohydrates and fiber from the mass, and keep the protein only. As the process takes place by using enzymes, the temperature should be kept low so that the enzymes remain active. Low temperature and chemical free processing prevent denaturation of amino acids which frequently occurs by soy and dairy products.

The final product is a 80-90% pure, hypoallergenic, highly digestible protein. After four hours, the body digests 86% of the rice protein, while this is 57% in case of soy. In conclusion, the biological value of rice protein is between 70-80, its utilisation rate is 76%, the total absorption is almost 98%.

Note: rice protein contains a high proportion of the amino acids cysteine ​​and methionine, but there is few lysine in it which may negatively affect the biological value. If we increase the lysine content, the biological value increases dramatically.

Pea protein: as for taste, people are more concerned about the idea of pea protein than about the rice protein. But in reality, pea protein has a very soft and pleasantly sweet taste. It’s one of the best tasting protein. Pea protein is a concentrated natural protein, extracted from yellow peas. For concentrating this protein a water-based process is applied, therefore the final product gets very natural.

A favorable mix of rice and pea protein

As described above, rice protein is rich in cysteine ​​and methionine while poor in lysine. However, in yellow pea protein there is few cysteine ​​and methionine (containing sulfur) but much lysine. Consequently, by the combined use of rice and pea protein, the utilization ratio of its protein outdares the ones of dairy and egg proteins, without evoking allergic reactions. In addition, the texture of pea protein will soften the rice protein’s “scratched” character. Just like rice protein, pea protein is also hypoallergenic and easy to digest.

Source: Gauranga das

Information and order: 

Alexandra Popovics Exporting manager

 Biopont Ltd.

Phone: +36 1 242 1927/ext.115

Mob. +36 30 68 77 227

Fax: +36 1 436 0109

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  1. romanian living in moncalieri near turin.i would like to try the product and be your distributer here in italy.
    my phone nr is 00393493493379.
    have a nice day.

    • Dear Mariana,

      thank you for contacting us.
      Please communicate with our exporting manager regarding distribution in Italy:

      Alexandra Popovics Exporting manager
      Biopont Ltd.
      Phone: +36 1 242 1927/ext.115
      Mob. +36 30 68 77 227
      Fax: +36 1 436 0109
      e mail:

      Have a nice day!


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