Upcoming programs in UK

Upcoming teacher training in England (Portsmouth UK) 

Contact:us for information here: https://www.facebook.com/nitayogasouthsea/
Phone 07788842238
E-mail erikanitayogauk@gmail.com

Facebook link to the details:




Subject: Hatha or ashtanga basics.

Duration: 1 day (8 hours), 2 days (2 x 8 hours) or 3 days (3 x 8 hours).

Topics: yoga philosophy, sat karma, ayurveda, mantra chanting, meditation, lifestyle and diet, asana practice, acquirement of a fix asana series for home practice – elaboration depends on the length of the workshop.

100-hour YAI retraining for yoga instructors


  • hatha
  • ashtanga
  • vinyasa flow

Duration: 1 week.

200-hour YAI retraining for yoga instructors


  • hatha
  • ashtanga

Duration: 2 weeks.

Find details here.

Lifecoaching program

Successful life with the help of yoga, ayurveda, meditation, healthy lifestyle.

Presentations, practical instructions, lifestyle and diet tips individually for the participants.

Duration: 1 (8 hours) or 2 days (2 x 8 hours).

These educational programs can be ordered on individal agreement.

Prices do not include travel and accommodation costs, these are extra for the host.


My fees

Workshops, lifecoaching programs:

  • 1 day: 100 EURO
  • 2 days: 180 EURO
  • 3 days: 250 EURO

YAI courses providing diploma:

100-hour (1 week) intensive course: 800 EURO/person

200-hour (2 weeks) intensive hatha or ashtanga basic course: 1500 EURO/person

Contact me here.


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