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The Traveling Yogi project was started by Zoltán Kiss vaishnava hatha yoga teacher a few years ago in Hungary. It became very popular and successful by now. We would like to spread this method worldwide, first in England and later in entire Europe.
He offers yoga seminars in Budapest, Europe, and India. His mission is teaching people how to live in harmony and peace with themselves and their environment, improve their mental and physical health and above all spiritual knowledge which is the real fountain of happiness.

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What is this Traveling Yoga project about?

It is a very popular program. In his free time, almost every weekend he and his friends organize free yoga programs in different cities of Hungary and abroad, too.
There he promotes yoga lifestyle, gives a lecture about yoga philosophy, such as what is the goal of it, what are its benefits, how can this knowledge help people find eternal peace and happiness. On these programs participants can try practicing the different aspects of yoga, asanas, mantra meditation, they can have a conversation about yoga, Ayurveda, spirituality. These events are very popular with a number of 70-150 guests each time.

The benefits of Traveling yoga project
People of this age are seeking knowledge and practices which can help them rediscover the lost harmony and happiness. They try to find it in material life and objects but they are not successful with finding it. Our programs offer knowledge about yoga lifestyle which is very beneficial in the personal and community level, as well. We help them wake up their desire to change and make changes to a better, quality life.
We have a very good experience regarding the success of this project: most of the guests become interested in learning and practicing yoga, change their lifestyle and diet to be vegetarian/vegan. We keep in contact with them, they share their feedback about how successful they are in changing their lives.
This is the goal of our program, we would like to help people to live a happy life this is what we are passionate for and this is why we would like to start a charity program, to offer people happiness and healthy living.

Present moment:
Zoltan has almost 500 disciples who have had education in his yoga school. They live and teach yoga and yoga lifestyle in several countries in Europe, and they love sharing this amazing yoga lifestyle with other people.
We would like to start to organize the same programme first in different cities in England, the charitable Foundation which we just created is called Nitayoga as well.
We have partners all over the world who would like to help this organization, and thousands of people want to join our free programmes.

Why would we like to ask you to offer a donation to us?
Zoltan and his friends doing it all from love, they just want to give to people. Every programme is free of charge, we pay for organizing these events, the rent of the yoga room, traveling costs, the accommodation, and many other things.

Every little donation counts and is welcome!

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(Your donation will reduce your tax because our company are non.profit)

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