Our foundation aims to hand over to the people the ancient science of yoga, its wonderful physical, mental and spiritual effects. Clean living, healthy nutrition, exercise and energetical recharge, stress reduction, therapeutic treatment of a variety of diseases, moral principles, personal development and spiritual training is all part of the science of yoga, which today’s people are most in need.

In these notes I write about these topics in detail:

yoga_urbanoYoga will save the world

boldogsagThe physiological effects of yoga

In June 2015, we established our foundations which aims the following:

-Promotion and education of healthy lifestyle and exercise
-Organizing health events and festivals
-Yogatherapeutic treatment of the disabled and those of suffering from severe musculoskeletal diseases
-Organizing yoga sessions in schools

Thus, we would like to make yoga available to anyone regardless of their financial situation.

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The Foundation’s data:

Headquarters: HUNGARY, 8699, Somogyvámos, Csepregi u. 57.
Phone: +36203643711
Tax ID: 18657559-1-13
Bank account: 10701324-69004753-51100005 (CIB)
Old Registration Number Format: 3717/2015
Court Order Number: 1400 / Pk.60139 / 2015
Entry date: 04/09/2015