Yoga will save the world

yoga_urbanoHmm. What a beautiful and sonorous phrase… What a good marketing spiel… But what is the reality?

Sometimes I sadly look around myself, what a world we live in.

Everyone is complaining about the negative news flowing from the media, and the behavior of people is becoming more terrible: violence, dishonesty, apathy, envy, heartlessness rule the world.

We are whining about our circumstances, but we do not suppose that they were created by ourselves through our own way of thinking and our lifestyle.

It’s time to wake up, because the storm clouds are gathering above us, and the repercussions  of our unfavorable actions in the world bury the world beneath them.

It is not hard to notice at what a quick pace we degrade the world around us. What defines our world is the what we are like as individual personalities and what our actions and our nature is like.

Do not wait for others. „Let the government , my neighbour or my family solve my problems!” Solve them yourself! Step on the path of the proper behaviour! Develop qualities in yourself that make you outstanding. Purify your actions, words and thoughts, because if all do this then the world becomes a wonderful place.

But what has yoga got to do with all this? Yoga is not about becoming pretty or healthy, to have as bigger ego just because you can perform such special things. Yoga is a tool to find the inner self again, purify and raise your consciousness to a level where all the good qualities automatically appear and you will be conscious of yourself, your environment and what your task is in the world. When you realize this, you’ll be happy and satisfied. By practicing yoga you cleanse your body, your mind, your talk, and you will notice that slowly you rise to such level of human life, where you live in a different quality. You develop a bunch of great features. Your knowledge will increase about who you are, what is this world around you, what is karma (our actions and their repercussions), you become aware of the laws of the universe and you respect them, living in balance with nature.

You develop wonderful characteristics like patience, humility, godliness, good will, altruism, truthfulness and honor. By the practice of yoga one purifies the effects of their adverse past actions and starts to see that less negative things flow in one’s life. A positive phase starts.

If this takes place in most people, the world will have a chance to reverse this degradation of which we are already in the end…

There is not much time. Nature is on its last legs. Societies, economies are in ruins due to the fact that the whirl of human behaviour, way of thinking and actions pull off everything.

Yoga is a wonderful practice that leads us towards a purified world. It was its purpose in the past, as well as today.

Buddhi Yoga & Yoga Ladder – HH Bhaktividya Purna Swami

Buddhi Yoga & Yoga Ladder


Krsna’s is talking about Buddhi Yoga in Bhagavad Gita. Buddhi means basically the process of Sadhana Bhakti; wherein you’re trying to through practice engage the body, mind and word in Krsna’s service.

So then in the Gita, this gives three aspects of the Buddhi Yoga, it’s a combination of Karma, Jnana, Dhyana and Bhakti.

So the whole process is Devotional Service but Devotional Service may not be the prominent element in our lives. Means it is that’s why we’re doing everything but it maybe not what we’re always thinking about or doing. That’s why it’s called Sadhana because when someones on the platform of Prema then you can say, “this is solid Devotional Service” because all you do is think about Krsna, all you do is serve Krsna, there’s nothing that’s not on that platform. But Sadhana means that you’re practising to get to that platform, because Love for Krsna that’s the actual platform.

So then in this, Buddhi Yoga covers the whole spectrum up to there because Karma will be the prominent element in the beginning because that’s where your focus is on performing the activities of Devotional Service.

As you become expert in those activities then the Jnana part starts to come up in that we start to focus on

“ OK I’m able to do the activity but what’s behind the activity?”

“ Why do all the activities work?”

“ How to improve the quality of the activity?”

Watching the modes of nature work. All the different levels of consciousness, all this.

So the activity stays the same so you wont really see any difference between the Karma Yoga and Jnana Yoga.

  The difference will be in where your focus will be? Once you become expert in something then you don’t have to focus on it so much. Means, once your practiced at it, you know like a baby when they get up they have to focus on each step but after a while you don’t even think while you walk. You think of something else you don’t think of walking. So that’s the point, is that the activity, instead of focusing just on the activity your focusing on what’s functioning behind the activity? The metaphysics? The Philosophy? You know these kinds of things.

Dhyana means now the point is, got to where you’re focusing more on Krsna. It means your able to remember him, think of him more and that so you may perform the activity, Karma activities or not? You may use the elements of Jnana as an inspiration to remember Krsna or not? And so that’s there and when that meditation becomes fixed in Samadhi then the next stage is Prema.

So here we can see what Krsna’s talking about in the Gita. He’s saying

“Perform your duty” That’s Karma Yoga.

“In Knowledge” That’s Jnana Yoga.

“Thinking of me” That’s Dhyana Yoga.

“And doing it for me” That’s Bhakti Yoga.

So that theme comes up all throughout the Gita, he’ll explain something and show how it connects to that. The body, the mind, and words are all trying to be connected. So here we have body, you could look at it this way, body is Karma because it’s the body that does the activity. Then words means the intelligence, Prabhupada mentions “ You can tell if someone is intelligent or not by what they speak”. If they don’t speak you can’t tell. Because the intelligence is in charge of the senses, so of all the senses that represents the intelligence it’s the speech because if its functioning it works nicely. And then the mind means the meditation, the Dhyana, the emotion, the needs, So that powers the other two. So Karma, Jnana and Dhyana cover body, mind and words.

So this is what the Gita is showing, this is what is important. And Bhagavatam carries this on by showing how different personalities throughout time have done this. How they have perfected their lives through this process. Some we see are more in Karma, some in Jnana, some in Dhyana and some elevated more to the Devotional aspect, it becomes more prominent.

 – HH Bhaktividya Purna Swami

05 July 2007, B Manor – Dynamics of Vedic Social Psychology – Part 3

Misled people who want to lose weight


Somehow I get shocked everytime I hear and see in the media that people are misguided by offers that lack healthy eating and movement but still promise great results.

No way! The problem is that we want to achieve everything without renunciation!

Basic mistakes of today’s people that lead to overweight:

– Eats multiple amount of what would be needed to maintain the body

– Eats poor quality, refined, unhealthy food, poor in nutritients

– Quantitatively and timely improper distibution of nourishment

– Eating mindlessly, combined everything with everything

– Above all, he is lazy and doesn’t do any sport


Great! All conditions are given to grow serious fat, get all kinds of disease and to crash all the essential operating system and balance of the body. Now what do these jugglers earn their living by?

Playing upon the fact that people are lazy and unable to keep control of themselves, they offer different types of food, dietary supplements, processes by which one can avoid exercise and balanced diet.

– Turbo diet! You can lose x pounds in 2 weeks! Now, it doesn’t even make sense talking about… The aftermath of losing weight too fast is well known, this is a hackneyed theme… The point is that there is no lasting result.

– Take this and that, that takes away your appetite, absorbs fat, boosts digestion, etc.. An unnatural substance that disrupts the operation of the body, will accomplish what the body should by itself. Thus encouraging the body to continue quitting natural metabolic process and making it addicted to that substance, otherwise it cannot perform the metabolic funcions any longer.

– Make liposuction! Awesome, the fat will just encrust again unless you don’t change your lifestyle, not to mention that this fat deposit will remain on your heart and internal organs. Again another plastic surgeon got rich! :D

– Put wires on your body that will move your muscles for you! Wow… this is very serious. If you are just a bit engaged in ayurveda, then you must be aware that we have energetic system, too. And an electric shock might have such a bad effect you would’t even think… These fashionable equipment can cause serious damage to our energetic system.

I could go on with many of juggling, unhealty processes which give temporary results, but let me tell you: there are no miracles. Beautiful appearance, a healthy body and mental state can only be the result of a long-term, continuous healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise!

Health is nothing but a lifestyle and a state of mind!

What to do to be healthy and beautiful?

– Eat healthy

– Eat 5-6 times a day, small amounts. If possible, do not eat after 6pm.

– Drink a lot of pure water

– Exercise  at least 3-4 times a week for an hour. Do yoga!

Regularity in yoga

Yoga-Art-5Many people when they come to do yoga to me and start feeling its favorable effects in their health, as well as in their mental state, put me the question: How often should I do yoga, so that these effects are retained, or may develop.

But what are these effects? Right after the first class you will feel that all your body parts have been worked out properly, you feel relaxed and pleasantly tired- just like after a good massage. As you keep on practicing more and more, you will become more vital and sleep better. It will be easier to move, your stiff muscles won’t hurt so much. You will simply feel better about yourself.

These effects have been mentioned by almost every guest of mine after the first class. Maintaining them is much more difficult. Regularity – like in everything else – is important here. I’ve often said: you can do yoga everyday. You don’t o necessarily have to come to the studio, you can practice at home with a dvd, in a shortened form ( The studio is very important, because there you can learn the correct execution of the asanas and tema spirit inspires you more.

With a frequency of 3-4 practices per week an incredible improvement can be achieved. But for this you need willpower. To persuade yourself to go and do it. Soon you can benefit a lot from it.

It is westerner people’s failure that they have no time for theirselves. Other things are important for them and they are lazy, too. We want results, but do not want to make sacrifices for them. We want everything immediately, by pushing a button. Unfortunately, valuable things are not for free in this world. If so, you should be suspicious!

Our greatest value is our health, to maintain or regain it is much work. But when we manage, that is great and it will be especially striking in our older age how much better we feel in our skin than the others at same age.

So don’t be lazy! Take 3 months from your life when you come to yoga 4 times a week. The effect is guaranteed. I am sure that you will feel this is necessary in your life and you will carry on. Health is a lifestyle. It includes motion, just as eating. Body is a machine which we must keep in proper conditon and yoga is the best method for that.