Yoga will save the world

yoga_urbanoHmm. What a beautiful and sonorous phrase… What a good marketing spiel… But what is the reality?

Sometimes I sadly look around myself, what a world we live in.

Everyone is complaining about the negative news flowing from the media, and the behavior of people is becoming more terrible: violence, dishonesty, apathy, envy, heartlessness rule the world.

We are whining about our circumstances, but we do not suppose that they were created by ourselves through our own way of thinking and our lifestyle.

It’s time to wake up, because the storm clouds are gathering above us, and the repercussions  of our unfavorable actions in the world bury the world beneath them.

It is not hard to notice at what a quick pace we degrade the world around us. What defines our world is the what we are like as individual personalities and what our actions and our nature is like.

Do not wait for others. „Let the government , my neighbour or my family solve my problems!” Solve them yourself! Step on the path of the proper behaviour! Develop qualities in yourself that make you outstanding. Purify your actions, words and thoughts, because if all do this then the world becomes a wonderful place.

But what has yoga got to do with all this? Yoga is not about becoming pretty or healthy, to have as bigger ego just because you can perform such special things. Yoga is a tool to find the inner self again, purify and raise your consciousness to a level where all the good qualities automatically appear and you will be conscious of yourself, your environment and what your task is in the world. When you realize this, you’ll be happy and satisfied. By practicing yoga you cleanse your body, your mind, your talk, and you will notice that slowly you rise to such level of human life, where you live in a different quality. You develop a bunch of great features. Your knowledge will increase about who you are, what is this world around you, what is karma (our actions and their repercussions), you become aware of the laws of the universe and you respect them, living in balance with nature.

You develop wonderful characteristics like patience, humility, godliness, good will, altruism, truthfulness and honor. By the practice of yoga one purifies the effects of their adverse past actions and starts to see that less negative things flow in one’s life. A positive phase starts.

If this takes place in most people, the world will have a chance to reverse this degradation of which we are already in the end…

There is not much time. Nature is on its last legs. Societies, economies are in ruins due to the fact that the whirl of human behaviour, way of thinking and actions pull off everything.

Yoga is a wonderful practice that leads us towards a purified world. It was its purpose in the past, as well as today.

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