Misled people who want to lose weight


Somehow I get shocked everytime I hear and see in the media that people are misguided by offers that lack healthy eating and movement but still promise great results.

No way! The problem is that we want to achieve everything without renunciation!

Basic mistakes of today’s people that lead to overweight:

– Eats multiple amount of what would be needed to maintain the body

– Eats poor quality, refined, unhealthy food, poor in nutritients

– Quantitatively and timely improper distibution of nourishment

– Eating mindlessly, combined everything with everything

– Above all, he is lazy and doesn’t do any sport


Great! All conditions are given to grow serious fat, get all kinds of disease and to crash all the essential operating system and balance of the body. Now what do these jugglers earn their living by?

Playing upon the fact that people are lazy and unable to keep control of themselves, they offer different types of food, dietary supplements, processes by which one can avoid exercise and balanced diet.

– Turbo diet! You can lose x pounds in 2 weeks! Now, it doesn’t even make sense talking about… The aftermath of losing weight too fast is well known, this is a hackneyed theme… The point is that there is no lasting result.

– Take this and that, that takes away your appetite, absorbs fat, boosts digestion, etc.. An unnatural substance that disrupts the operation of the body, will accomplish what the body should by itself. Thus encouraging the body to continue quitting natural metabolic process and making it addicted to that substance, otherwise it cannot perform the metabolic funcions any longer.

– Make liposuction! Awesome, the fat will just encrust again unless you don’t change your lifestyle, not to mention that this fat deposit will remain on your heart and internal organs. Again another plastic surgeon got rich! :D

– Put wires on your body that will move your muscles for you! Wow… this is very serious. If you are just a bit engaged in ayurveda, then you must be aware that we have energetic system, too. And an electric shock might have such a bad effect you would’t even think… These fashionable equipment can cause serious damage to our energetic system.

I could go on with many of juggling, unhealty processes which give temporary results, but let me tell you: there are no miracles. Beautiful appearance, a healthy body and mental state can only be the result of a long-term, continuous healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise!

Health is nothing but a lifestyle and a state of mind!

What to do to be healthy and beautiful?

– Eat healthy

– Eat 5-6 times a day, small amounts. If possible, do not eat after 6pm.

– Drink a lot of pure water

– Exercise  at least 3-4 times a week for an hour. Do yoga!

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