Regularity in yoga

Yoga-Art-5Many people when they come to do yoga to me and start feeling its favorable effects in their health, as well as in their mental state, put me the question: How often should I do yoga, so that these effects are retained, or may develop.

But what are these effects? Right after the first class you will feel that all your body parts have been worked out properly, you feel relaxed and pleasantly tired- just like after a good massage. As you keep on practicing more and more, you will become more vital and sleep better. It will be easier to move, your stiff muscles won’t hurt so much. You will simply feel better about yourself.

These effects have been mentioned by almost every guest of mine after the first class. Maintaining them is much more difficult. Regularity – like in everything else – is important here. I’ve often said: you can do yoga everyday. You don’t o necessarily have to come to the studio, you can practice at home with a dvd, in a shortened form ( The studio is very important, because there you can learn the correct execution of the asanas and tema spirit inspires you more.

With a frequency of 3-4 practices per week an incredible improvement can be achieved. But for this you need willpower. To persuade yourself to go and do it. Soon you can benefit a lot from it.

It is westerner people’s failure that they have no time for theirselves. Other things are important for them and they are lazy, too. We want results, but do not want to make sacrifices for them. We want everything immediately, by pushing a button. Unfortunately, valuable things are not for free in this world. If so, you should be suspicious!

Our greatest value is our health, to maintain or regain it is much work. But when we manage, that is great and it will be especially striking in our older age how much better we feel in our skin than the others at same age.

So don’t be lazy! Take 3 months from your life when you come to yoga 4 times a week. The effect is guaranteed. I am sure that you will feel this is necessary in your life and you will carry on. Health is a lifestyle. It includes motion, just as eating. Body is a machine which we must keep in proper conditon and yoga is the best method for that.

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