Kiss Zoltán Nitai

Yoga academy director and instructor, life coach, spiritual teacher, and influencer.

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I am Zoltán Nitai Kiss, my spiritual name is Nitaiprana das. I have been practicing different forms of yoga since the age of 15. The first big impact that led me to the path of spiritual life and yoga was the first meeting with Sríla Indradyumna Swami in 1991, who became my spiritual master later. He gave me Vaisnava diksa, initiation according to yogic tradition.

After the age of 18, I lived as a monk for a while in India and also in the West. I acquired the basics of yoga, philosophy, the lifestyle under the guidance of my spiritual master and other vaisnava monks. I studied Vedanta philosophy, the ancient yoga scriptures from every part of the view. In the meantime, having received the spiritual and philosophic basics, I tried to comprehend and apply hatha and ashtanga yoga and their benefits to body, mind, and soul.

I earned my qualifications in India and in Europe. I graduated as a hatha yoga master in the Indian yoga university, the Yoga Alliance International in Delhi. I have also practiced and studied at Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’ leading disciples.

I have been managing yoga clubs in Budapest, Hungary since 2009. I launched my yoga school in 2012. I teach hatha and ashtanga yoga, and of course Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras in the proper aspect. Students are able to earn the 200-, 300- and 500-hour YAI (International Yoga Alliance) diploma, which is well appreciated all over the world. Today I have more than 450 graduated disciples in my school in 8 countries in Europe and England as well. I’m traveling also to holding yoga programs and festivals to propagate this wonderful spiritual cultural and lifestyle.

A full understanding of yoga philosophy was given to me by Bhagavad gíta. Yoga siddhanta, the final conclusion is completely revealed in this book.

According to my experience, we get the proper view by understanding yoga philosophy fully, and this way yoga can have the biggest effect. The goal of yoga is to put one back from his conditioned situation to his original, spiritual situation, which is sat-cit-ananda: a forever-existing soul with full knowledge and happiness. Yoga has many paths but we can only reach the full result by vaisnava siddhanta even in the field of hatha and ashtanga yoga. My goal is to always teach this, and this is what I am trying to pass over to my students. The goal of my teaching is spiritual, as well as physical rising, purification, self-realization.

Om tat sat

For those who are willing to act so that their dream of health and nice appearance becomes true!